23K Gold & Silver Micron Plating

23K Gold & Silver Micron Plating

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The term micron simply refers to one micrometer= 0.000001 meter = 0.001 millimeter. Gold plating is a method of depositing a layer of gold onto a conductive surface. The piece in base metal to be gold plated is immerged in an electrolyte solution with particles of gold which are deposited onto the surface of the base metal thanks to a current. Micron gold plating is the most qualitative and affordable way to have intricate jewelry pieces that can not be made just using sheets, wires or tubes of metal. Their durability will highly depend on the care the wearer takes of his or her jewelry. The moist and acidity of the skin causing the gold plating to wear of more easily, it makes sense that pieces like earrings and brooches will last longer than rings and bracelets

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